Struggle against oppression and gender discrimination

March 8 , which movement , with which demands and against which system ?

( Part 1 )

Those who are fascinated and enchanted in capitalist reform miss no opportunity to shut down and dissolve the workers’ struggles in the system of wage slavery and block any exercise of any attempt for an anti-capitalist power of the working class . It is not a question about the unmasked, but it’s about the masked ones, reformers who have disguised their class-identities from generation to generation under various guises . March 8 is one of these opportunities for them, for the right and left-wing of reformism within the labor movement .The foundation of the reformists´ action is to hide the links between the existing class-injustices , and imposed misery on mankind with the current contradictions within the relations of capital and labor in society , so for this purpose the battlefield of working class women of the world against the misery and suffering from the capitalist system is one of these most prepared fields . Within this ground of battle , different approaches are present with the various mechanisms , approaches and groups that have signed a common pact despite opposing lines and signs . The covenant that says the source of the injustices and human catastrophes imposed to the vast mass of women can be traced anywhere in history but has nothing to do with the mode of production of capitalism !! That the prescription of cure for all the pains and sufferings of the women of the world hangs on the solid and stable masts of industrial development and civil expansion of the wage slavery system !! That the movement for the elimination of women’s inequality is a democratic and liberal movement and is therefore a separated phenomenon from the anti-capitalist struggle . March 8 is an opportunity for the reformist spectrum who practice own upside down beliefs . In Iranian society, where the imposition of any kind of injustice and oppression on women is one of the compulsive conditions of reproduction of capital and the capitalist system has augmented the poisonous weapon of religion to its total weapons of class-repression and mass murder , thus , the market for these inversions is hotter than anywhere else . The fact is that in the current situations of the world , one principle is the most obvious , most accurate and most expressive of all other principles of existence . Without continuous battle relying on a clear range of vision of going beyond wage labour relations , no lasting and decisive reduction in none of the social pains and sufferings of modern human being , can´t be created on any level and any extent . There´re no kind of tolerance of oppression , no form of rightlessness and povery , no degree of inequality and no human catastrophe that its mechanism of existence or secret of survival which doesn´t extract from warp and weft of the relation of producing surplus value . Accordingly no level of reduction is possible in any of these universal human catastrophes , if the effective power of a strong anti-capitalist movement doesn´t enter the field of battle to achieve this reduction . The formative foundation and expression of existential of such the movement requires a conscious class alignment and uprise of the class that has the capacity in its social existence to play this role and incidentally , it´s based on having this capacity and great historical integrity which distinguishes it from all other social classes or forces . This social class is very fimiliar , the proletariat . A social class whose true indicator of identity , not that being able to withstand the greatest pressure of exploitation , quite the opposite is its latent power for conscious ignition , planned explosion for destruction of the old world and new world architecture . Women , just because beings women and without an active internal connection with anti-capitalist movement of this social class , aren´t able to change really their current situation because this situation (oppression of women) is part of the system of wage slavery . Merely being a woman isn´t a proof of the compulsory captivity in “radical chains” and doesn´t explain definitely  access to the operating levers for breaking the shackles of being deprived of rights . Just like that , merely being a man there´s no reason for the presence of either of those two indicators and consensus . This is that inscription of many masked reformist forces for refoming the capitalist system , from the most overheated “revolutionary” “ facading communist” circles to the next ranks of the left-reformist spectrum that aren´t able to practice it . March 8 if scheduled to be the day of the convenant to line up for changing the status quo of women , first of all , it´s necessary to reconsider the currently real roots of this situation in the orbit of capital existence and will be the day of the search for effective power to attack the foundations of this existence . Without referring to the root it´s not possible to perform a real autopsy of the problem and certainly the root of all suffering for women lies in the existence of capital . The capitalist system is the workshop of the metamorphosis of every truth and the capitalist reformist critique borrows all its instrumentation of critique from this workshop and explaination of gender oppression , patriarchy or gender inequalities , and does explore it like all its other analyzes with the same tools . Let me mention this point here that when some of the reformists under pressure get criticized by the radical critique of anti-wage labour approach , they choose to dodge the issue from a deeply capitalist position .

That´s because they´re preaching that “ if we consider the capitalist system as the foundational cause of women´s deprivation of rights , then the attainment of freedoms and civil rights of women is considered as socialist struggle , and thus the line between the anti-capitalist movement and the pro-democracy movement is distorted ” !!

Also this section of reformists are very clumsy and the total women´s deprivation of rights in their perspective is summarized in the right for sale of labour force , equality of labour price between men and women , the possibility of women´s participation in the planning or implementation of the production , political and civil order of capital and their rights to participation in imposing this bloody and inhuman order on the working masses and kind of these issues !! These´re the lovers of “democratic capitalism” crazyly and and believe and see the women´s right such as the necessary materials for the democratic makeup of capitalism . It´s clear that this narrative about the “rights of women” , firstly, doesn´t acknowledge the wage slavery as the foundational cause of women´s deprivation of rights , and secondly , no need to struggle against the basis of wage labour system .!!

This is how reformism views the phenomenon of women´s rights , but the dimensions of the story when it´s related to the hell of capitalism in Iran and the field of critique or strategy of reformism withing this hell so it gets greater and more complicated again . Here , the religion is just not only such a brutal weapon of capitalism to assault the women as much barbaric as possible but also at the same time, it ´s a veil to hide the articulation of relations between the lack of women’s rights and the relation of the production of surplus value . The recent application of religion here and in the hands of the bourgeoisie, including the dominant state power of capital , the religious reformist oppositions withing and around political power and or even circles in conflict with the Islamic Republic , has created special conditions . Conditions that , on the one hand have made religion such a shield to protect capital and a cover to hide the borderless barbarism of capitalism against women and made both of them , capitalism and religion , such the last bullet of savagery against any amount of protest and struggle of women , on the other hand . This , in its turn , has linked the fate of capital and religion in a very complex way . Maybe this is also one of the comedy-tragic games of history that would replace the process of simultanceous reform of religion and the death of feudalism in nineteeth-century´s Europe with the parallel process of the death of capital and the religion in 21st century´s Iran . This is an argument that shouldn´t be open here right now , therefore , let us return to the reformist critique of women´s deprivation of rights and oppression of women in the hell of capitalism in Iran .

Over the past 30 years , the Islamic Republic´s widespread use of religion to deprive women of their most basic vital rights has created this dubiety that the mainly root of misogyny and anti-women barbarism , it´s not in the process of capital and g but only in the forced return of the inhuman plague of religion from the bottom of the cemetery of history . The certain components have fortified to form these dubieties and has developed more and more . The historical symmetry between the process of development and the domination of capitalism and challenging the power of the church , the growth of modernity and bourgeois civilization and improving the position of women in nineteeth – and twentieth – century Europe , occurrence of this symmetry on a very low level and carcature in Iran before the revolution in 1979 and organic association of all misogynistic crimes of the bourgeoisie with the establishment of the religious rule of capital in the last three decades and finally , the institutional domination of the predatory Islamic reactionary with its judical judgmens such as the law of retaliate punishment and stoning , forced marriages and inheritance , patriarchy beyond the borders of barbarism , catastrophic deprivation of mothers´ rights and the like , all of these have helped to strenghten the scandal foundations of those dubieties , mentioned above . These factors , combined with each other , have rightly exposed the endless dimentions of religious cruelty but at the same time , the reality of the massacre and sexual apartheid derived of the social ruling relation of capital in the framework of the domination of the capitalist system in society in Iran has been completely wrongly obscured by an aura of ambiguity . Under the influence of the effect of these symmetries and the absence of a Marxian autopsy of the real articulation of the rulinng relation of capital and Islam and finally , capital which is the main center of the growth and development and the survival of all catastrophic misogynies and gender discrimination which been disappeared from the realm of class struggle . Reformism in its critique of the sexual apartheid of the Islamic Republic , above all , it´s citing to a series of pre-medieval Islamic rulings sentences on women . The sentences that we mentioned just a few lines above here just as examples . An endless and very complex chains of all forms of sexual oppression and discrimination that break women under its terrible pressure which is completing and disappearing the last glimmers of human role and prestige of woman´s social being existence and puts her in the position of such a low-priced commodity and transforms her into a full-fledged means of satisfying male sexual desires . Whatever is said about the degradation of credibilities of woman , it´s still just a drop from a sea . History in the same realm speaks for itself that   even in the Arabian Peninsula in the sixth century AD the legal and social status of women in days before the advent of Islam was much better than in the post-Islamic period . The compulsory veil (Hijab) , based on many documents , is the ominous souvenir outcome of Islam . The complete abolition of women from any expression of social life and delegating all her human , social and legal authority to her husband is a crime that has reached its peak with the advent of Islam . Deprivation of any kind of rights such as domination of a woman over her body and absolute transfor of this domination to her husband are among the obscene innovations of Islam .  

March 8 , which movement , with which demands and against which system ?

(Part 2 )

There´s no doubt that any amount of women´s social rights is a function of the level of historical development of human societies , but let us not forget that the social movements of each age are themselves an organic and internal component of the various periods of material evolution of history, and a fully active and determining component of it . Islam, as a movement that had a degenerate and reactionary approach even in the specific circumstances of its emergence period, made the position of women not only better but much worse than before too . The fifth-century Arab woman was under the pressure of the forced lawlessness of her day, but even in the midst of the same situation, she wasn´t considered her husband’s complete slave . Tribal scaffolding of the slavery period reduced her to the level of a subjugated creature and doomed to the will of her father or chief of the tribe but her whole social role didn´t bury her at the foot of the temple of male flirtation . But in the meantime Isalm also killed her low social role and more importantly, with all the deprivation of rights , oppression, and misogyny of the slavery era, it made every crime against women celestial and religious and slavery , stoning and imposed of carrying veil for women and male property right over his family members and children , man´s authority right in divorce , deprivation of a woman of judgment and attorney and her invalidity in testimony and her half-inheritance rights and all other forms of encroachment on her privacy , and all other commandments against her became heavenly without any doubt . Thus, as far as it´s  about the limitless barbarism of Islam is getting concerned with the human status and social rights of women, there is no doubt about it . The problem with the reformist critique of lack of women´s rights is not just here but elsewhere . The first problem facing the founders of this kind of critique is that Islam and its barbarities aren´t a new phenomenon . This religion and all its ultra-reactionary misogynistic rulings have been imposed on the living extent of a part of the population of planet for more than 1400 years . In different periods, for many years, it has been the sword of the massacre of governments against massive human masses, from ancient slaves to peasants and subjects of the feudal period and beyond . In different parts of the world, it´s been the expression of the life of the social movements of the same masses against the same governments in various forms , coercive or peaceful and with various regressive or quasi-radical demands and expectations and during these 1400 years , it has become turning to hundreds of sects and religions and every ruling , verse and hadith , its principles and sub-principles has been the subject of millions of contradictory narratives . It has become part of ruling politics somewhere and in many other places it has been like fighting with any kind of political interference . Somewhere the charter of the murder of every Christian, somewhere else the manifesto of the massacre of the Sunnis , on the other side , the judgment order of genocidal attack (Jihad) against the Shiites , once the creed of the unity of religions and one day it´s been the order for the massacre of every secular human being . Every nation and every race, every nation and every government, every movement and every class, every stratum and every gang and sometimes every tyrant has interpreted it in any way they want and has been transformed into any doctrine of thought or any weapon of required war . In a word , in no period has there been any sign of satability in any of its aspects . A phenomenon called Islam has undergone such evolution, diversity, and fluidity throughout these 1400 years and even in the days of its lagislator and first commentators and in the time of Muhammad himslef , not a single moment of these developments has been left out . Many of his verses, even explicit verses, have undergone the most obvious changes and been transformed day by day based on the lusts and whimsy of “Muhammad” himself . The dignity of the revelation of his verses has been constantly changing with the curve of changing the sexual desires of the Prophet and whatever today has been revelation , the next day it has been falsehood and the next abrogated verses would´ve been coming .!!!

 If we accept these facts about Islam then we have to consider and admit a universal material truth , exactly what it´s the real content of practical and revolutionary materialism . We must accept that the real root of any form of inequality and the main foundation of any kind of oppression and the basis of any form of deprivation of human rights , including double deprivation of women not in the religious and ideological superstructure and specific ideals , rather , it lies in the depths of the dominant method of production of every age . Ideologies or religions apart from the dense ambiguities arising from the heart of economic and social conditions and production relations prevailing in different eras of history , they´re nothing else and in any case, whether as a container for movements or as a framework for governance, they are the thoughtful expression of certain views , expectations, and class interests . A social-class that derives all its desires, power, or government , not from religion but from the dominant material foundation of the time and Islam has historically played such a role . Contrary to some analyzes , it hasn´t recently become “political Islam” by the Islamic Republic and rather, from the very beginning, every class, stratum or social approach has used it as it needed to, whether in the opposition situation and the protest , or in the realm of state power . For former slaveholders such a container of slavery rule , for the feudal aristocracy the weapon of the political power of feudalism and for urban entrepreneurs and start-up retrograde capitalist such the banner of controversy with the landed aristocracies , for the feudal kings , the strongest fascist and militarist line-ups against the people of the region and for all the exploiters of the ages , the sharp weapon of deception and stupefaction of the masses and for all the downtrodden and the exploited , such as an opium of death , For a section of the bourgeoisie, a framework for competing and seeking a share from the powerful class rivals , for some , it´s a version of anti-imperialist nationalism and a socially religious populism and finally , for some layers of the capitalist class , a vessel for imposing the hardest forms of exploitation of the wage-slaves and has become the mechanism for the application of the most brutal and savage forms of capitalist dictatorships to the working class . The reality of a phenomenon called Islam isn´t less than these realities and the fundamental question is that why the basis for dealing with the crimes of the Islamic State of capital in general and including the genocidal crimes and extreme sexual apartheid of this regime would only be considered the religion of this state or its dictatorship ?

Why shouldn’t all these crimes be imputed to the capital and the role of its government in planning the productive, political and social order of capitalism ?

Why should not the Islam of this state be considered in its true place or the executive arm of capital, and the weapon of the massacre of any kind of freedom and women’s rights by the capitalist system ?

Why should we not go from the anti-capitalist stronghold to the war-class with religion ?

Why should we separate the struggle against the Islamic reactionary from the struggle against the basis of wage labor system ?

Why should we accept the reformist approach that separates religion and capital from each other and keep the capitalist system away from the class struggle’s aim of the working masses ?

Why, again, with the same separation, should the real struggle against capital armed with religion be replaced by fruitless warfare against the religion of capital ?

The fact is that the imputation of gender inequalities , the oppression, and deprivation of rights of women to the Islamism or dictatorship of the ruling political power and deny the role of capital as the economic foundation and material basis of this regime´s life isn´t a way to liberate women in Iran but a way to further kepp away the working class and in particular , women from own social class of real trench of the anti-capitalist struggle and the struggle against the real roots of gender discrimination and oppression . Islam is the armament that the capitalist state of Iran utilized in the first place to delude the working masses and to overcome the labor movement and in later stages it has been used to settle the internal disputes of the bourgeoisie , and to pony with its rivals at home and on the world stage . Islam , of course , isn´t the only weapon in the hands of capital to achieve these goals , the Iranian bourgeoisie , before the revolution , hasn´t benefited from Islam at this level and even now , not all layers , parties and sections of the capitalist class pursue the same utilization of Islam in the fight against the labor movement and the oppositions forces . Every faction and every bourgeois tendency uses strategies, tools , types of political and civic planning, and certain governmental mechanisms to perpetuate the wage-slavery system and in the meantime, the dominant mafia of the political power of capital has made present-day Islam its armament of war against the working masses and rival forces . The widespread bloodbath of any kind of women’s rights by the Islamic Republic is part of the regime’s strategies, policies and mechanisms to play its role of identity, that is, to defend the existence of capital and eliminate the danger of the current labor movement for capitalism . The barbaric attack of the Islamic Republic on the most basic rights of women, not for to melt their existence in Islamic law , rather, it is the utmost use of the weapons of religion to secure and guarantee as much as possible the production relations civil, and political order of capital . Islam here is such a armament to intensify the exploitation of the working class in every possible way and any form of oppression, discrimination, and evil that is used against women and any human being or any group of human beings by any reactionary forces , it´s a necessary condition of capital for its survival and for deepening the pressure of exploitation on the working masses as much as possible .

A simple understanding of this fact may not require an examination of all that has been said so far . It´s enough to review the horrible record of the crimes of the Islamic Republic against women with the open eyes . In the first year after the revolution 1979 , the imposition of women´s veil (Hijab) at least in practice wasn´t in the focus of the regime . The revolution had disrupted the productive and political order and the structure of the bureaucracy and the framework of state power and the Islamic Republic, as the new government of the wage-slavery system, must return all this to its normal course , and to do this, foremost, the revolutionary movement of the working class and lower class or any other dissenting voice had to be suppressed . Until the end of 1980 , the regime didn´t see the possibility of such a nationwide invasion and preferred to devote its actual military power to suppressing the struggles of the working masses in factories , cities and the large-scale protest movement of workers or nationalist parties in Kurdistan . The years 1979 and 1980 are the period of preparing the forces and organizing the forces by the regime to start a general war against the working class and the protesting forces throughout Iran with the aim of re-establishing the political order of capital . The Islamic State, by rebuilding the army and police, and increasing the cancer-like of the forces and the mass of repression within the committees, organized a very large and unrestrained organization of the anti-Revolutionary Guards and some other institutions of the suppressing machine it provided the conditions for the beginning of this war in the last months of 1980 . Planning a brutal offensive to massacre the most basic freedoms and rights of women was an integral part of this preparation process . The process that was to lead to the re-establishment of the political order and then the production order of capital and in its own way , it crushed any kind of struggle , resistance and protest of the workers or other oppositions that were disruptive for its realization . This war was largely defeated during its early years . The continued resistance of the working masses and the spreading of war in Kurdistan , the intensity of the reactionary war with the Iraqi government and culmination of the divisions within the bourgeoisie and even within the structure of unstable political power was being rebuilt , all of these together that intensified the difficulties of the regime in achieving its first goal, or establishing a capitalist political order . The Islamic Republic felt that it had to constantly expand the scope of its brutality and bloodbath , and targeted everything for its needs and had to attack everything and use any means to attack , suppress for re-establishment . All this was done with the aim of restoring the order of capital and strengthening the foundations of the power of wage-slavery system and the massacre of basic freedoms and basic rights of women was an integral part of the architecture of this order . It´s merely a misconception if we separate these actions, proceedings, and policies of the regime . We gradually summarize this part of the discussion . In the capitalist system in general and in the capitalist society of Iran in particular , deprivation of any kind of freedom and violation of any kind of social rights of every human being is a function of the necessities and forced conditions of survival, development, consolidation, self-expansion, and reproduction of capital . This is the law of existence of the relation of surplus value production , this rule is absolutely inviolable . Stoning, retribution punishment , the custody law and all anti-woman sentences of the Islamic State are also included in this sentence and aren´t in any way contrary to it . We repeat, the capitalist class or the state machine of capital might not use the weapon of religion and stoning and anti-women Islamic laws to defend wage-labor relations , but even this non-use, in turn, is an accurate and organic function of the arrangement of class forces within capitalist society , the bourgeoisie’s failure to use this weapon, or contrariwise , is the ability of the class government to use other tools instead of the mechanism of religion . In the hell of capitalism in Iran and in the same hell of absolute deprived rights for women of any rights , the government reformers who themselves in the years 1980 and later in the heart of the conditions , that we mentioned above , were the armed organizers and forces for stoning, acid attacks, and all forms of aggression against women’s freedom and rights in recent times , they have spoken of “women´s rights” without feeling rude !!! The process of occurrence of these shifts in the chain of tactics of government reformers is an objective alternative to the same correct and inviolable sentence that we have mentioned before . They stormed and attacked to women’s rights at a time when the new capitalist state’s desperate need to move through a post-revolutionary world of troubles and was reaching the phase of rebuilding the political and production order of capitalism . The same reformists spoke of women´s rights with maximum opportunism and demagoguery from 1998 onwards because in the midst of the new conditions, this would still be a condition for them to rebuild the political order and capitalist economy in another form . In all these cases one thing is for sure . That women living in the capitalist hell of Iran, not only working women but even non-working women, whatever they experience it´s because of capital ruling . All anti-woman laws and the whole Islamic extremist sexual apartheid , for this , are forced on women to maintain the system of wage-slavery , imposing of extensive housekeeping on 13 million women of the working class families without any wages , compensation and pension is a need to intensify the increasingly relentless exploitation of the working class by capital owners and the state capitalists .

March 8 , which movement , with which demands and against which system ?

(Part 3 )

This catastrophic mass housekeeping of women, the hostage-taking of women by capital with the aim of exploiting the more and more destructive and deadly male workers , exemption of capital from paying for the education and training of the labor force for continuing the process of production and refusal of capital to accept the expenses of caring for the elderly, the disabled and the worn-out of this army and dozens of other savings are in favor of increasing the astronomical profits of the capitalists . Women are the target of the most brutal crimes here because the unconditional sovereignty of the cruel and treacherous is the breathing air of capital and the key to the survival of the capitalist system . The reformist critique of women’s deprivation of rights disguises all these facts that is like refusing to accepting the facts and attempt to distort these facts , that´s because says that finally , in Western Europe and elsewhere , capitalism rules but women have rights for themselves !! Owners and commentators of this kind of reformist critique forget that everywhere in the world, any measure of women’s freedom and rights is still a function of the volume and weight of pressure apply on capital as a social relation , by the labor movement . Marx explained this fact most clearly to the workers of Europe in the years when he was still on the path to becoming Marx and had not yet written The Capital . He clarified that : “ From the relationship of separated labor and private property, it is also concluded that the liberation of society from private property and slavery is expressed in the political form of workers´ liberation , not because it´s just a matter of their release but because from their liberation is received the universal liberation of human , because the whole of human slavery lies in the relation of the worker to production and all slave relations are merely different states and consequences of these relations …..” ( Economic, philasophical manuscripts )

Any struggle for the rights of women in Iran and any pressure on the gender apartheid of the Islamic Republic depends on taking a firm step in the struggle against capitalism with a clear orientation for the abolition of wage labour and the dismantling of capital in the totality of its social relation . With the hubbub of the women´s movement and launching a campaign to defend women´s freedom and locking all of these into claiming to reform capitalist society not only doesn´t untie any knots of the deprived rights of women , rather , these injustices will definitely be doubled . Just as trade unions and syndicalist movements only consolidate capitalism in every aspect of their existence and they make the possibility of an independent anti-capitalist alignment of the working masses even more difficult . Reformism is like that everywhere and in all its forms and in the battle to reform wage-slave system , foremost it´s the architecture of robust of this system and in the meantime , what it gives to the protesting masses , whether workers or non-workers including women , even at best it´s only a small cost to shut down the class struggle . In other words , the “ mud ” from the grave of the labor movement which is used to “ fill the grave ” of the same movement . Reformism , including the reformist critique of the deprivation   of women for any rights , it is a clear action to consolidate the power structure of the ruling social system and to perpetuate its domination over the working class and all human beings deprived of their rights . For the liberation of women and for the opening of the iron shackles of their deprivation of any rights , the heart of capital must be directly targeted and the fire of the anti-capitalist struggle must be more kindled and  more ignited . The anti-capitalist struggle , however , isn´t a bunch of slogans , this class struggle can not be hung on the rotten gallows of syndication and syndicalists . With party building and their dominating over the working masses and the cancerous development of their sectarian business shop under the name and banner of party , will not scratch any part of capitalism . By chanting the slogan of separation of religion from the state can´t be any cure for the deadly wounds of deprivation of rights and being enslaved and second sex as woman . The Islamic Republic isn´t the monarchy of the 18th century financial aristocracy or the “statelessness” of the early nineteenth century in Western Europe which transforms itself into a perfct state with the help of religion . This state ( Islamic Republic ) is at the same time one of the most predatory and rabid states in the history of capitalism that also has a very complex and organic organization corresponding to all the reqirements of capital survival . It´s a complete capitalist state that has necessarily and forcibly armed itself with all the indicators , conditions and requirements of the      operate of the rule of the production , political and civil , legal and cultural and social relations of capital within a certain circle of internal division of labour of the global capital . In all the dimensions of this hell , limitlessly , women´s deprived  from rights but not the deprivation of women´s rights in the last days of the servitude system or the early development of capitalism in continental Europe which is very smooth and simple , the undisputed gift of capital for women . This isn´t more about industrial development of society , civic development and democracy , separation of religion from state , transclass anti-regime and the like that opens a window to the minimum of freedom and the betterment of women´s situation . Such a window into this hell of terror is just a window into the struggle against capitalism and a movement that can carry the responsibility of this serious historical trust on its shoulders , it´s merely the movement of wage-slaves against capital and towards the complete abolition of wage-labor . The stronghold of women´s liberation is here and at the forefront of this vast field . Let´s see how this trench should be stormed and ignited .

The clause by clause of the demands of the women’s liberation movement must, with all its prominence, transparency and depth, be at the heart of the charter of the basic anti-capitalist demands of the working class . Any interference by the capitalist government in the private life of every human being must be absolutely forbidden , any decision of any goverment or governmental institution or any part of the political and social order´s intrusion must be forbidden about the type of women´s clothing , their marrige or relationship with spouses or  relationship of girls & boys with each other , any consolidation and interference in the private affairs of people´s lives should be considered among the indisputable legal crimes . The formation of cohabitation between men & women and the type of their relationship should be determined with the full and free will of the parties , freedom of association between girls & Boys must be unconditional and this unconditional freedom must be complemented by all the necessary health , scientific and social education . Domestic  work should be completely ecanceled and as long as it doesn´t disappear it should be considered work and in return , be paid wages and overtime as hard work too . Any form of legal inequality between men and women must be eliminated and any act of gender discrimination must be punishable as a felony . All these rights and freedoms and many other rights must go hand in hand with the other basic demands of the working class such as determining wages based on the social product of annual work on the large scale in society , education and health , housing , kindergarten and adult home and transportation completely free and modern , full wages for all unemployeds and unconditional political freedom . The women’s liberation movement must be organized as a continuous link in the nationwide chains of the  working mass’s struggle against wage-labor within factories, in street protests, in schools and universities, in all work and production centers, in the form of councils . This movement must become a great power around these demands and with this kind of organizing . The conscious power of the councils of the working class for abolition of wage labor system , and  it´s able to overthrow the foundation of the social and class power of capital . The working women are an integral part of this movement , but even the freedom and human rights of non-working women, even the women of the capitalist class, depend only on the brilliance and the brightness of this class movement . For this obvious reason that the key to human liberation is in the hands of this class movement .

Naser Paydar Feb. 2010