Against environmental degradation and destruction of nature !

Glasgow conference , deceptive hubbub ! ” Part 1,2 and 3 “

( Part 1 )

The leaders of the capitalist world gathered on November 1, 2021 in Glasgow UK, for nearly two weeks highfalutin speeches and deceptive posters with the ugliest lies in the form of decision to deal with global warming !! deliver to workers all around the world.

Because dealing with global warming at 2 degrees by 2100 is put on the agenda of governments ! These have already been presented in more than a dozen international meetings and conferences, including at the Paris Conference in 2015, a conference full of deafening speeches and promises that weren’t fulfilled and it wasn’t supposed to be implemented. According to the UN environmental (UNEP) analysis in Oct. 2021, the world is on the verge of a 7/2 degree rise in global temperature, while this estimate is also very optimistic. The earth is now 2/1 degrees warmer than it was in 1880. The largest increase in temperature has occurred also in the last decade and this process if goes so fast, therefore 2 degrees of global warming in 2035 will be a reality. A few degrees of global warming may not seem like much but right now we’re witnessing the devastating and catastrophic effects of a one-degree increase. As has been the custom in these conferences and assemblies it is capital that talk and its speakers from Boris Johnson to Biden and all the executives of capitalism with rudeness and disgust state that to date they haven’t known the dimensions of the catastrophes, and it seems that they ´re supposed to think of a solution from now on ! The deception of these capital managers has gone so far as to deny even the information and all data of the Oil giants. Documents that energy companies such as Shell, Exxon and BP already knew that there’s a link between their products and global warming. About 40 years ago, oil companies like Exxon and Shell made assessments of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels and their release consequences for the planet. In 1980, Exxon predicted that by 2060 the level of carbon dioxide would reach 560 components per million (ppm) and this causes the global average temperature to rise by about 2 degrees compared to the pre-industrial capitalist era. Just a few years later, an internal report by the oil company Shell reported the same consequences, but according to Shell, reaching that level could have happened sooner by 2030. These oil companies had no doubt that there was a link between their products and global warming and the environmental damages they caused. According to Shell’s statement, the water surface level of the world was expected to rise by one meter and global warming may also lead to the disappearance of Antarctic ice sheets ( what were witnessing right now ) which will lead to sea level rise across the globe by 5 to 6 meters. It was said at the Paris Conference in 2015 until then to control the rise of more than 2 degrees earth temperatures, more than half of the budget allocated for carbon dioxide was spent. Even if it was a start to reduce the use of fossil fuels, the use of these fuels should be completed by 2030 !! Otherwise, the scenario of 4 degrees temperature rise by 2100 will be a real scenario. The spokesmen of capital states at previous conferences still haven’ t included a formal statement indicating in their resolutions about connection between global warming and fossil fuels. Fraud and deception of politicians, governments and even some environmental organizations has gone that far that they pretend to be convincing each other in this issue. It’s customary at climate conferences that capital states and their institutions used to award medals to some of their strategic allies and blame some governments for this miserable situation. Glasgow Conference like all similar conferences don’ t impose any restrictions on capital and its accumulation process.   They hide and deny the essential and inescapable connection of capitalist existence with environmental catastrophes, genocides and crimes, hunger and displacement. By fooling and deceiving , they feed a lot of lie and deception of the capitalists and their states to working masses, they seem to think about human environmental issues !

Ibrahim Payendeh

Nov. 27, 2021

Glasgow conference , deceptive hubbub !

( Part 2 )

We have said before that Glasgow Conference like all similar conferences, they will not impose any restrictions on capital and its accumulation dynamics, because  the essential and inescapable that deny connection between the existence of capitalism and environmental catastrophes, genocides and crimes, hunger and displacements, but the lies and deception of capitalists and their states which inject in consciousness and beliefs of working class people as if they think about human environmental issues. We talked about the exponential increase in the concentration of Carbon Dioxide and in addition to Carbon Dioxide, Methane gas is also on the rise and increases its volume in the air. Methane concentration ( based on particles in billions of dry air ”PPB” from the data of three global measurement centers between 1084 – 2020) in 2015 that is, during the Paris Agreement, it was about 1850 particles per billion and in 2020 approximately 1900 particles in billion ”PPB” has increased. This increase from 2019 to 2020 is more than from 2018 to 2019 and it’s also been higher than the average annual growth rate in the last decade. Nitrogen Oxide is also a strong greenhouse gas and also destroys the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere, it accounts for about 7% of long-term greenhouse gas emissions. The global average net deficit N2O reached 333.2 in 2020 that compared to 2019 has increased 1.2 ”PPB”. The annual increase from 2019 to 2020 is more than the increase from 2018 to 2019, and it’s also higher than the average growth rate of the last 10 years. To estimate the total concentration of greenhouse gases, these two gases and other gases should be calculated based on Carbon Dioxide which clarifies the dimensions of the catastrophe that capital brings to humanity. We also said about an increase in the earth’s temperature by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100 that the consequences are already in effect, so that parts of the world in the hot seasons of the year reach such a degree of inflamed heat which leads to terrible fires. In Australia in January 2020 it was estimated that as a result of widespread fires (known as Megafire) which about 1.25 billion animals were killed directly or indirectly by these massive fires and 5.5 million acres of land were the prey of the fire which is equal to the area of the Ireland. As a result of this fire, large areas of forest in the vast country have now been turned into deserts. The same ”Megafire” phenomenon is evident in the state of California. Heat and dryness in the state, which is the most important center of agricultural and livestock production, it has reached a point where large agro-industrial investors find it difficult to supply their agricultural water. For this reason in most cases they have dug wells 3000 meters deep in the ground, water that is full of different salts which causes a huge cost for the capitalists for its purification. People in the city of San Francisco face several hours of water cuts per day during the warmer months of the year. Geology organization and mineral exploration in Iran in February 2010 announced that 90% of the plains were out of balance.This organization described the situation as a major crisis for the country and said : that ”from 2010 to 2014, 150 plains of the country didn’t have aquifers, which is actually 10% of the total  aquifer of plains that are in equilibrium.” This organization also stated that Iran is currently in the ” dry belt of the world” and warned of increasing land subsidence in Iran and said: ” as rainfall decreases, we face water shortages and this creates the phenomenon of soil subsidence at the same time, some of the plains are drying up and will become centers of dust ”. According to this organization, Iran is a dangerous land in terms of water, rain an earthquakes. ” It’s said that of the 43 natural hazards identified in the world and 34 of the total risks occur in Iran. ” According to the World Meteorological Organization, the warmest twenty years recorded in history it has happened the last 22 years. In 2019 temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere were recorded about 400 times, the highest recorded temperatures in history. The temperature record was broken among 29 countries between May 1 and August 30. One-third of all these high temperatures were recorded in Germany, followed by France and Netherland. Conflicts of interest and competition from regional capitalists over water resources have also intensified. The Iraqi government says in Sept. 2021 that the water level of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which originate from Turkey, has been reduced to 50%. In recent years, the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and their tributaries have faced unprecedented water shortages. While countries such as Turkey have built large-scale dams to supply water for their industrial agriculture and power plants, competitors in Turkey´ s neighborhood bear the brunt of these shortcomings. These dam-building activities have also, in turn, exacerbated the existing challenges of climate changes. In the meantime, Iraq has suffered the most from drought and water shortages. The same trend in Iran began in the years after the Islamic regime´s war with Saddam´s government and within a few decades, several large and small dams were built on each river till turn running water into a huge source of profit and capital accumulation. Competition between the areas of capital investment in industrial agriculture, industries that directly and indirectly need water as a source of energy and auxiliary goods in the process of organizing the production and accumulation of capital, also the masses of workers who have to buy drinking water they need from the producers, have increased too. In this situation, the main losers are the working masses.

Ibrahim Payendeh

Dec. 10 , 2021

The Glasgow Conference , deceptive hubbub !

( Part 3 )

Let´s now continue and return to the subject of the distributionn of “ medals of honor “ to some capitalist states and cursing at others at these conference that began .

In next year´s climate index , published by two institutions (Germanwatch and New Climmate) Norway , Sweden and Britain top to the list of countries with good environmental policies , respectively !! We have to see how this really is . Sweden, meanwhile , according to the country´s nature conservation organization , annually as much as the total carbon dioxide produced by the counntry´s small and private cars (about 5 millionn private cars) the same amount of carbon dioxide is emitted from areas where forest trees are cut down by capital owners in this realm , sends to earth´s atmosphere and in addition , large amounts of methane gas are emitted from these areas . This is about 13% of the country´s total annual carbon dioxide emissions . Furthermore , Sweden  annually exports large quantities of Peat ( also known as Turf, is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter . It´s unique to natural areas called peatlands, bogs, mires and moors or muskegs. The peatland ecosystem covers 3.7 million square kilometers “ 1.4 million square miles” and is the most efficient carbon sink on the planet, because peatland plants capture carbon dioxide “CO2” naturally released from the peat, maintaining an equilibrium ) to neighboring countries such as Finland and Norway and other European countries . Despite the fact that new peat formation occurs much faster than fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas , but in many areas it has large amounts of stored carbon . In a time perspective of up to several hundred years, studies show that the emission of greenhouse gases from peat is consistent with the release of fossil gases. Thus, peat combustion, unlike other fossil fuels emits pure carbon dioxide. Peat classification differs between Sweden´s power generation system, the EU carbon dioxide emissions trading system and international climate negotiations at the United Nations. Peat is classified as a fossil fuel by both Sweden and the UN Climate Panel, but according to the law in Sweden it does iclude the renewable energy sources. According to the Swedish Energy Agency, peat coal falls into the “other fuels” class which is exempt from energy and carbon taxes. The annual energy percentages of Sweden, Finland and Ireland are the highest in the world. Finland is 7%, Ireland 5% and Sweden 0.7% , but let´s not forget that Sweden supplies a lot of the peat needed by Finland, Norway and the Netherland. Between 2019 and 2020, Sweden´s cultivated peat yield increased by 19.7% from 1.6 to 1.9 million cubic meters. This is the highest value measured for cultivated peat since the start of measurement. There´s an increase in demand, especially abroad, where exports of cultivated peat have increased by 13% over the same period. While Sweden has no other source of fossil fuels but the energy and forestry industries are experiencing high labor productivity growth, with the country´s share of social capital gains above the global average. The use of various pesticides in forstry has a long history. Before the Swedish forestry sector entered a large phase of advanced industrial use and exploitation in this field, that´s around the last decades of 1800, the workers of these companies with saws and axes in groups of several hundred people went to cut the huge trees of the forests, because the capitalists of this pre-capitalist field knew very well that large and old trees contained high-quality fibers for carpentry, wooden construction and pulp production and so on .
Simultaneously with the first automobiles appeared that were also to increase labor productivity to a high degree in difficult areas. During the second imperial war, the need for European capital for wood, coal and its products increased astronomically . It was here that mass production of forest products was the solution and the forest itself had obstacles to develop the technique of cutting down trees, transporting them to factories and even planting new sprouts. One of these obstacles was the uncontrolled and uninterrupted growth of deciduous plants, shrubs and all plants that didn´t have any consumption for capital in the manner of capitalist forestry. The first thing that catches the attention about today´s mass forests is the word of pesticide, controversial herbicides and phenoxy acides against leafy plants or insecticide such D.D.T against insects . However, the use of pesticides began earlier in the late 1940s and was intended not in a completely different way but in another areas of capital investment. It should be noted that large-scale use only came about when large-scale forestry companies in Norland (northern Sweden) began serious reconstruction work to remove vegetation with chlorate solution in the early 1950s and further experiments were performed on other biocides. Continuous trials were conducted elsewhere in Sweden over the next few years with satisfactory results from the point of view of the capital institutes of agriculture and forestry . In early 1944, efforts were made to prevent the formation of stumps in birch with a variety of chemicals such as sodium chlorate and sodium pentachlorophenol which all of them are very dangerous to humans and animals. 1948´s experiments with hormonal derivatives such as (Tetraklordibenso-p-dioxin- TCDD – 2,3,7,8 ) and ( methy-4-chlorophenxyacetic acid “MCPA” ) and (polychlorinated biphenyl “PCB” ), then began primarily phenoxy acids. Since the early 1950s, they´ve been used successfully to control weeds in agriculture and so, with the silence of the mass workers , capital in this realm took a more aggressive step against nature . The advantage of hormonal derivatives is that they´re selective , that is , different derivatives affect different species . the derivatives of dioxins are growth hormone , this means that it does attack the short plant when it´s exposed to hormonal derivatives and dies . Or others, specifically targeting deciduous trees, not pines , and drying them out . The strongest phenoxy acids were selected , and this trend continued until 1977, when most of the forests exploited in this areas of capital investment and became mainly pine forests . Need to control deciduous plant (types of birch trees,corner tree , the scientific name of the Tuscan family, beech and oak. Most birch species are small or medium-sized trees with short lifespan and are native to the temperate and subpolar parts of the Northern hemisphere), the main axis of this field was for capital investment . This is how the organization of forest owners and companies describes this period in its historiography “the labor force used to uproot and cut down trees and shrubs was enormous and its high cost wasn´t affordable for forestry . Demand for this cheaper solution to the problem of so-called forest rejuvenation led to aerial spray experiments which took place in 1950 near Kramfors in Sweden. The experiment was performed with three different preparations at three different concentrations from the helicopter and the result was beyond expectations. Aircraft spraying experiments began the following year, and the good results continued”. The large forestry companies have now begun to take a serious interest in this type of control of deciduous trees and so-called “weeds” and the reaction of the people didn´t took long in coming and the masses gave titles such as “birch murder in Dalarna”, “flight causes hormonal death” to that . The mass protest against the clearing of forests of deciduous plants gradually grew and led to the accumulation of large masses in forested areas above Sweden. Environmental activists , along with the masses from Torsby, Falun and Gavle, among others strongly opposed aerial spraying. They followed the spraying plan from the ground and during the reconnaissance, they maintained radio calls and found airports and camouflaged runways in the jungle and in protest in 1976 they chained themselves to trees there. The government officials and forestry companies unanimously said it was profitable and not dangerous. Torsby Environmental Protection Group took on this task and became the leader of the modern environmental movement. The mass of Torsby mostly the workers generally began collecting testimonies from locals to “report cancer”. 25 full pages written about how to live in the vicinity of sprayed areas and work with poison. There´s evidence of dead animals and people becoming ill and the hatred for using such a method increased. When the time for environmental days in Tursby commes in June 1977 the mass labor movement for the environment along with some writers, theater actors and what in Sweden known as cultural workers from Stockholm and Uppsala, under the slogan “save the forest” began to grow and experienced successful days. This was the culmination of workers´ movement agaist the catastrophes by capital against the environment, and the situation was similar across Europe in a few years. However, these protests never turned into a socio-class movement, and the working masses of Sweden, nor any other country entered the process of struggle against capital and its catastrophes. Nowhere in the hell of capitalism the workers didn´t stop the process of producing profit and accumulation of capital and its state for reason of environment and their future of their children. On the sidelines of the Glasgow Conference , the youth of working class families of then thousands of masses staged protests in Glasgow, London and paris and also other European cities. But nowhere did this turn into a mass labor movement against the foundation of environmental catastrophes and capitalism and as Greta Tonburg on friday, November 12 (the last official day of the 26th cop) that called it a two-week festival for business as usual !! in practice as in the past, the capitalists and their governments with their respective institutes were the stage-makers and planners. Capitalism once again sent a message to the mass workers of the world that it´s capital which determines the fate of everything about today and tomorrow´s destiny of human being, not only destroying the environment but also planning and excuting all these in following and it will be so as long as the workers leave their lives and the fate of work and production to capital and its decisive approach. Sweden has been using new pesticides in a different way for almost two decades now because most of the forests are depleted of deciduous plant and are made of pines and they´re very tangled and the only way to cut down trees and carry timbers is to cut down a lot of trees. Productivity in this area of capital´s investment has been greatly enhanced by capital in Sweden and the capital giants in this field use such techniques in the forest-rich countries of the world to cultivate and harvest as much surplus value as possible. The combine harvesters use in this field are similar to those used in industrial cultivation but they´re much more advanced and there´re various capabilities in the same that not only cut the tress but peel, cut timber and load on trailers with threee times porter, rather , today a new generation of these combines have entered the field of productiont that in addition to above tasks, they have eight arms and all four arms on either side groove the ground and next they plant seedlings and ferilize too. In this way, they benefit from a very small amount of workforce with a very high productivity .

Ibrahim Payandeh

Jan. 2th 2022

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