Capital and exploitation of children

Capital and the working children who collect garbage !

Only in Tehran , a city that its accumulated capital of the pious capitalists sows the seed of jealousy in the hearts of many like Jeff Bezos and the image of its legendary villas of the capitalist savages who own the giant trusts enchant the stunned eyes of such capitalist people like Bill Gates !! , yes , in the same Tehran according to official government statistics , hundreds of thousands of working-people , including tens of thousands of little kids from the many millions of working children make a living from garbage collection . The real population of garbage collectors in the burning hell of mankind called Iranian capitalism it´s several times more than governmental statistics . The work of these children is a certain volume of the total labour force that brutally exploited by the capitalist class and the Islamic regime of capital . Only the municipal government institution in the “Narmak” district of Tehran , from each of these miseries cursed working children seizes 160 dollars (4,000,000 Toman) in the form of value added share every month . The per capita income of households in the first decile of Iran´s population this year is about 18 dollars (450, 000 toman) . A large part of the working class masses are in the same decile in terms of living conditions and wages rate . The municipality´s share of unpaid child labor is 160 dollars (4,000,000 toman) every month , working children who are the cursed minors part of the working class of Iran .                             

Waste collection is a significant and important part of the dynamic of profitability and self-increasing of capital in the world and in Iran . Food and clothing , all trades and livelihood of tens of millions working masses , all aspects of the human being´s physical and mental life in any historical period carry the seal of the great and essential influence of the dominant production relations of the era on itself . Today´s rubbish isn´t the garbage of 500 years ago even if their appearances is indistinguishable from each other , which isn´t the case . Billions of tons of daily waste from heavy and light industries and nuclear power plants , so there wasn´t all kinds of petroleum and chemical products in distant past , garbage from old refrigerators and freezer , washing machine and dish washing , TV and pc , printer and electric heater and other household items isn´t the same with small pottery jars , broken teapot and plates in the past , and the appearances are also very different . But the main difference between today´s and past´s garbage isn´t in the faces but in the characters , it´s also  special in identity and historical works as well as in value and society which have two completely different relations of production . Today´s rubbishes is a waste of the process of profitability and capital self-expansion , the wastes of the  relation of producing surplus value and they´re born from this process and return to the same process too . These wastes are the products of a process whose existence is based on the separation of workers from work and the destiny of production and life .Its process is merely to produce profit , and man is a complete victim in it and the only human mission in it , playing such a role of separate , frozen and without any will components of a machine of profit-making and capitalization . The same capital that as soon as it was created , the god almighty that dominates the fate of the whole work and life of the worker . Waste is capital that has become wasted , they´re the product of the wage labor of the working class , which one day was taken out of their hands and invested . Their return is also the resurrection of capital at the lowest price for the re-solution in the process of capitalization , becoming capital again and playing a role as capital to exploit of the working masses in the more criminal way . We don´t intend to jump into the critique of political economy , in particular , we´re talking about the explosive exploitation of labor force of kids who are collecting garbage in Iranian capitalism . In the process of work and the order of production of the country’s social capital , collection affairs and waste recycling and during the cycle of transferring them to the value-added process of capital and that is in the monopoly of municipalities and through this the government of the bourgeois . It is the municipalities that, by concluding astronomical contracts, entrust the task of collecting the remnants to contractor capitalists or predators ready to hunt for cheap labor . In some cases , municipalities are not content with this , and they do not limit their share of the exploitation of these working children to the galactic figures of contracts . Leech-like in another way , and by intensifying the even more horrific exploitation of working children, they are forced to work without pay .They raise the exploitation rate of these young children in order to make their share and capital from them and their work and exploitation a giant-like . This is the case in Narmak , Tehran . Here, one by one, children collect, separate and transport garbage until 10 pm everyday . They dig a mountain of garbage , they drown in the sea of garbage and and instead of oxygen , they inhale any deadly toxic gases and they impose all pathogenic chemicals on the cells of their being , and inters their lives in the form of a variety of deadly diseases . They do not just erode their lean but also they connect their psyche , intellect and thoughts to garbage collection and the separation of waste from each other . The working children in Narmak , Tehran , are doing all these things and alongside the horrible exploitation by the contract capitalists , every month , they are forced to pay 160 dollars (4,000,000 toman) to the district municipality too . The monthly share of the municipality from the exploitation of each kid is (4,000,000 tomans) . We don´t have a definite figure as to how much of the surplus-value of the labour of this vast mass of working children go to the capitalists , it´s definitely several times more than the share of the municipality . One thing is for sure, and most of the official newspapers of the Islamic regime of capital accepts and have written many times that the volume of the annual contract of the municipalities with the capitalist contractors of the waste collection, in Tehran alone, is about couple of trillions (tomans) . The mountain of surplus-value  of the share of these capitalist beasts and their state partners in the municipalities The result of the exploitation of these kids garbage workers is skyrocketing , and the fundamental question is , what do these kids get for their work ? The answer must be taken out of the labyrinth of the above statements . Nothing´s left for them at all because whatever they do it becomes the capital of the capitalist class . Working children , like all working young kids , are deprived of the right to education , because the violent and criminal economic compulsory of capital has excluded them of this right with all their coercive weapons of capitalism . They don´t go to school because they have to work every day to make themselves and their parents livelihood and the longing to be in the classroom and sit behind the school desk is their forbidden dream . A dream that capital , the capitalist class and the predatory Islamic state of capital have forbidden to any extent of its realization . The vast majority of working children, including garbage collectors, are poor Afghans . Masses of slaves who not only don´t have a school, not only are deprived of education, who don´t have an identity card for the quasi-free sale of labor, even in the form of garbage . The capital government even isn´t willing to issue ID cards for them and avoiding giving ID cards to these cursed people is a very calculated and legal part of the capital order . By escaping from the issue ID card for Afghan children, the Islamic regime allows the predatory beasts of the capital to buy the labor of these children even more for free and more cheaply too .  Work without any wages makes them more numerous and paid work with wages make them less than possible .

Mazdak . K

Jan. 18, 2022